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Vendor Onboarding Due Diligence

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What is this Template?

This template will help you document the due diligence process you undertake when you bring on new vendors.

How to use it?

This template provides the outline for the vendor due diligence process. Follow the prompts and answer those to document how you reviewed the vendor and what steps were taken to successfully onboard them.

Value to the organization?

Using a template for documenting the vendor onboarding process helps standardize the process for all teams within the company. It ensures that the security and confidentiality principles were vetted and the vendor went through the same onboarding processes prior to getting access to your data.  

What controls does it satisfy?

VNDR-9 Vendor Monitoring Vendors are evaluated on a periodic basis, by reviewing their audit reports or other means, in order to track and determine the impact of any changes in their security posture.


Please download the template here:

Vendor Onboarding Due Diligence

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