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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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What is this Template?

This template will help document the steps various members of your organization will need to take in the event of an emergency that negatively impacts your ability to serve your customers.

How to use it?

The template provides the guidelines on how to capture and organize the necessary information to ensure that the enterprise is in a position to survive if a disaster occurs. Use this as a guidance and build out the process that needs to be enforced within your organization.

Value to the organization?

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are complex documents that contain a wealth of information about the IT operations of an enterprise and present that information in a format that is easily consumable during an actual emergency. In the event of disaster, this document will provide all stakeholders with the necessary steps to bring the business back online and to work with various internal and external parties.

BIZOPS-5 Disaster Recovery Plan

Completing this template will help satisfy the following control:

BIZOPS-5 Disaster Recovery Plan The company maintains a Business Continuity Policy which outlines a plan to recovery from prolonged disruptions in operations.

Please download the template here:

Disaster Recovery Plan Template (pdf)

Disaster Recovery Plan Template (docx)

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