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HR-22 – Organizational Strategy

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What is this control really about?

This control is ensuring that the organization has documented a strategy and a roadmap for future success. Having goals and carefully thought-out strategy provides a map to the organization’s employees to follow.

Typically, the organization strategy includes an organization’s missions, goals, action plan and timeline for achieving the goals.

In this control, your auditor wants to see your latest strategy or company’s goals.

Available tools in the marketplace

N/A – No tools required

Available templates

TrustCloud has a curated list of templates internally or externally sourced to help you get started. Click on the link for a downloadable version:

  • Externally sourced strategy templates from ConceptBoard

What is required to implement this control?

To implement this control, a formal strategy document must be documented. This formal document must be communicated and shared with the entire company.

Lastly the document must be updated at least annually.

What evidence is the auditor looking for?

In this control, your auditor wants to see:

  •  Your latest strategy or company’s goals.

An example of what an artifact can look like

  1. Your latest strategy or company’s goals.

Example from TrustCloud (only few pages screenshots provided here). For your audit, provide the entire document

HR 22 pic1

HR 22 PIC 2

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