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TrustCloud API

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The TrustCloud API is an API designed to empower organizations in managing and monitoring their Trust Program effectively. By providing tools to enable deeper insights and increased automation, the TrustCloud API helps achieve continuous compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies. With its robust capabilities, users can retrieve compliance data from TrustCloud to leverage in other systems, and automate the submission of evidence. As a result, organizations can efficiently maintain their Trust Program, reduce manual work, and utilize TrustCloud data throughout the organization.

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Getting Started

This guide walks you through getting started with the TrustCloud API.

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All requests to the TrustCloud API authenticate using a TrustCloud-generated JSON Web Token (JWT).

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Retrieving Trust Objects

TrustObjects are data structures that represent core building blocks of trust, such as controls, systems, and tests.

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Submitting Evidence

This tutorial demonstrates how to retrieve tests that have evidence due, and submit the evidence using the TrustCloud API.

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