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Set up Freshteam for automated evidence with TrustCloud


Once you set up your compliance program, TrustCloud TrustOps works to ensure that your systems remain compliant with your adopted controls. To do so, TrustCloud retrieves lists of resources against systems in your product and business stack to use for compliance evidence.

This document outlines the steps to grant TrustCloud access **to retrieve the following items from Freshteam to be used as evidence:

  • The list of employees in your organization

TrustCloud will retrieve this information via the Freshteam REST API and will need an API key in order to authenticate and fetch this data.

Instructions to grant TrustCloud access to your Freshteam organization

  1. Log in to your Freshteam account and get your Freshteam portal URLOn the login page enter your Freshteam domain name and click the PROCEED button.log in
  2. You will be redirected to the Sign in page. Sign in to your organization’s Freshteam portal as per your configuration.sign in
  3. Select Settings from the left sidebar menu, then on the Settings page select Company.freshteam settings
  4. Save your Freshteam portal URL from Settings > Company page to be later used when configuring the Freshteam integration in TrustCloud.setting company
  5. Obtain an API keyClick the profile icon on the top right. A menu is displayed. Select the API key menu item.obtain API key
  6. The API key window is displayed. The access token (obtained by a call to the authentication server) is displayed under Your API Key. Click the Copy button to copy the API key, to be later used when configuring the Freshteam integration in TrustCloud.
    your api copy

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