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Set up Bitbucket for automated tests with TrustCloud


Once you set up your compliance program, TrustCloud TrustOps works to ensure that your systems remain compliant with your adopted controls. To do so, TrustCloud runs automated tests and retrieves lists of resources against systems in your product and business stack to use for compliance evidence.

TrustCloud will retrieve this information via the Bitbucket REST API and will need an API token created by an Admin user in order to authenticate and fetch this data.

Instructions to grant TrustCloud read-only access to your Bitbucket organization

  1. From your <profile avatar> in the bottom left, click on your’s <organization workspace name> in the Recent workspaces list.
    Instructions to grant Kintent read only access to your Bitbucket organization
  2. Alternatively, you can click All workspaces to open an entire list from which to choose.
  3. On the opened workspace page, click Settings on the left sidebar to open the Workspace settings.
  4. On the workspace settings page copy and save your organization Workspace ID for later use.
    workspace ID
  5. On the workspace settings page, click OAuth consumers under Apps and features on the left navigation sidebar.
    workspace settings
  6. On the OAuth consumers page click the Add consumer button and enter the following:
    1. Name: the display name for your consumer. This must be unique within your account. This is required. Ex. TrustCloud TrustCloud
    2. Description: An optional description of what your consumer does.
    3. This is a private consumer  – select this checkbox. Enables the client_credentials grant type.
    4. Permissions – enable the following read permissions: Account:ReadWorkspace membership:ReadProjects:Read
  7. Click the Save button. The system generates a key and a secret for you.
  8. On the OAuth consumers page toggle the created consumer name to see the generated Key and Secret value for your consumer. Copy and save the Key and Secret values for later use.
    OAuth consumers
  9. Provide the Workspace ID obtained in Step 4 and the OAuth Consumer Key and Secret from Step 8 when setting up your credentials for the Bitbucket integration in TrustCloud

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