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What Is it?

An integration is a built-in connector between your TrustCloud and an external SaaS service, that allows TrustCloud to run tests and pull inventories from that service.

Integrations in TrustOps

Setting up integrations in TrustOps enables automated tests for control verification and saves your team the burden of having to manually collect evidence to prove control effectiveness. Automating evidence collection and running tests via integrations not only saves you time, but it also ensures the evidence provided is accurate and up to date.

Security and Privacy

When setting up integrations, TrustCloud will ask you for the least permissions possible so you don’t need to worry about giving us access to sensitive data from your systems. We will only look at the metadata and how things are configured.  The permissions you provide us will not allow us to change any update inside your services.

Setting up Integrations

Setting up an integration is easy.  Each built-in integration has a simple step-by-step instruction guide on how to set up an integration to a specific service.

Video: How to set up integrations in TrustOps

Available Integrations & Setup Instructions


Cloud Providers



Data Stores

Device Management

Document Stores

File Stores

HR Systems

Identity Management

Load Balancers

Log Aggregation

Logging & Monitoring

Project Management

Security & Compliance

Source Control

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