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ISO Risk Register

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What is this Template?

This template will help document the risks faced by your organization that have the ability to negatively impact your business outcomes. This template is based on the ISO 27001 guidelines and therefore meets the requirement for the ISO 27001 risk management controls.

How to use it?

Answer the prompts within the template accurately to document the risks that can negatively impact your intended business outcomes. 

Value to the organization?

Using this template will help an organization to holistically identify the risks that can derail the business outcomes. Once you have these risks identified, the organization will be able to perform a risk analysis to determine where to invest resources to mitigate the risks. This template will help you document so that it can be communicated to all stakeholders as well as used as an audit trail. Additionally, this template has all fields required for ISO 27001 ISMS risk management. 

What controls does it satisfy?

Completing this template will help satisfy the following control:

BIZOPS-11 Risk Register The company maintains a Cumulative Risk Register storing control deficiencies identified as part of ongoing system reviews, and reviews the register as part of the company’s regular Risk Assessment process.

Please download the template here:

ISO Risk Register

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