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Vendor Registrar Template

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What is this Template?

The Vendor Registrar Template will help document all your vendors along with the risks posed by each vendor by documenting the data elements the vendor can access and business processes that the vendor is trusted to perform.

How to use it?

Answer the prompts within the template accurately to document the data elements shared with the vendor, the vendor review process as well as the vendor’s security posture.

Value to the organization?

Using the Vendor Registrar Template will aid in recording the vendor inventory and the value each vendor provides to the organization. This will help your determine the most critical vendors and the risk posed by them.

What controls does it satisfy?

Completing this template will help satisfy the following control:

VNDR-1 Inventory and classification The company maintains an inventory of its vendors and classification of the data they store or process.

Vendor Management Controls

Please download the template here:

Third Party Suppliers Registrar Template

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