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Vendor Offboarding Checklist

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What is this Template?

This template will help you document the steps used to successfully offboard a vendor.

How to use it?

This template provides the outline for the steps that you need to take when the vendor is no longer providing services to your organization. It lists out the steps that include access revocation, both logical from systems that the vendor has access to as well as physical access to your facilities. Additionally, you need to review the contracts to ensure proper data disposal was performed by the vendor. You can use this template to document the completion of those steps.

Value to the organization?

Using a template for documenting a vendor off boarding ensures that all important actions have been completed to maintain data security and privacy.

What controls does it satisfy?

VNDR-10 Vendor Offboarding A procedure is in place to guide the offboarding of vendors and ensure that contractual obligations are fulfilled, with any sensitive data properly handled.

Related Controls:

VNDR-10 Vendor Off-boarding

Please download the template here:

Vendor Offboarding Checklist

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