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Change Management Procedure Template

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What is this Template?

This template will help document and thereby standardize the change management process across different systems within your business landscape.

How to use it?

The template provides an outline on the basic tenets of change management. It has content around scope of changes, testing requirements, tracking and approval workflows. As you review this template make changes to customize it to suit your business environment.

Value to the organization?

The purpose of documenting detailed change management procedures is to standardize how changes are implemented within your organization. This helps in implementing changes in a well-communicated, planned and predictable manner that minimizes unplanned outages and unforeseen system issues.

What controls does it satisfy?

Completing this template will help satisfy the following control:

PDP-7 Change Management Workflow The Change Management documentation outlines the internal workflow for propagating application and infrastructure code changes to the production environment, including tracking, testing, reviewing and approving.

Please download the template here:

Change Management Procedure Template (pdf)

Change Management Plan Template (docx)

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