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Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)

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What is this Template?

The Bring Your Device policy template will help articulate the responsibilities of the asset owners to keep their assets maintained and provide  guidelines for employee use of personally owned electronic devices for work-related purposes.

How to use it?

The template provides an outline and content of a basic BYOD policy. Customize this policy according to your business needs to document how the employees can use their personal assets. 

Value to the organization?

While allowing employees to use their personal assets can help reduce costs, it also opens a company to a lot of risks from these unmanaged devices. This policy outlines requirements for BYOD usage and establishes the steps that both users and the IT department should follow to initialize, support, and remove devices from company access. These requirements must be followed as documented to protect company systems and data from unauthorized access or misuse.

What controls does it satisfy?

Completing this template will help satisfy the following control:

IT-15 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy A “bring your own device” policy is in place to guide employees on the acceptable use of their personal electronic devices for work purposes.

Please download the template here:

Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)


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