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Board Charter Template

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What is this Template?

This template will help you document the roles and responsibilities of all board members. It can assist the board to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring the company has in place formal policies and procedures for each of the areas in which the company must undertake compliance activities.

How to use it?

This template provides the outline for the Board Charter and provides detailed content on the role and responsibilities of the board members, meeting expectations, onboarding and off-boarding, the laws that govern their roles, etc. Review this document and ensure that the content and by laws align to your business needs and your board commitments. 

Value to the organization?

Using a template for documenting a board charter ensures that everyone is on the same regarding the expectations of serving on the board. It helps create alignment on the board onboarding, working and off boarding process.

Please download the template here:

Board Charter Template (pdf)
Board Charter Template (docx)

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