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Annual Vendor Monitoring Review

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What is this Template?

This template will help document your vendor monitoring documentation by providing with the details that need to be recorded while performing your vendor monitoring controls.

How to use it?

Answer the prompts within the template accurately to document your vendor monitoring process and the resulting actions.

Value to the organization?

Using this template to record the vendor monitoring process will provide the audit trail to satisfy the vendor monitoring control during the audit. It also helps understand and mitigate the risks posed by a vendor.

What controls does it satisfy?

Completing this template will help satisfy the following control:

VNDR-9 Vendor Monitoring Vendors are evaluated on a periodic basis, by reviewing their audit reports or other means, in order to track and determine the impact of any changes in their security posture.

Please download the template here:

Annual Vendor Monitoring Review

Please see here for Vendor Management Controls

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