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Documentation Templates

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What are templates?

Documentation Templates are documents that provide a content outline to meet certain documentation needs. These are pre-formatted and are ready to be customized to make it suitable for your business needs. 

Where should they be used?

Use templates anywhere where it can speed up your documentation efforts. Good examples for its use are job description, risk register, vendor onboarding, etc. 

How is one supposed to use them?

Most templates come with their own guidance and instructions. Whenever you are required to document something for your compliance programs, search here for a template and then customize it to make sure it reflects your business environments. For example, if you are leveraging an incident response template, ensure that the template contains the names of individuals and teams from your organizations and the incident reporting timelines defined in your policies rather than going with the prefilled template content.

The below articles have been curated to provide you with externally or internally sourced templates! Refer to each to get started!

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