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Incident Management

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What is it and why is it important?

Responding to an incident whether it is security-related or operation-related can help determine the resiliency of an organization. If the organization is not equipped to quickly address and contain a threat, it can quickly open the door to many more issues. Many compliance frameworks highlight the importance of a strong incident management process to identify, triage, resolve and report incidents.

First, it is imperative for each organization to define what an incident is and the various types of incidents that could occur. In  general the definition of an incident is a violation or the threat of a violation of your security policy.

Then, you must define the action steps to take to address the violation. Action steps will vary based on the type of incident and scope of damage.

Some compliance regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA dictate that some incidents must be reported, therefore the incident management process must include action steps to report relevant incidents

How do I implement a Incident Management Program?

At TrustCloud, a set of controls has been created to help implement an Incident Management program. Review each article below for a deep dive on those controls.

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