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HR-13 Employee Handbook/Code of Conduct

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What is this control about?

An Employee Handbook / code of conduct communicates the company’s values and ethics. It lets employees know the acceptable code of conduct. It is a must to document an employee handbook with a code of conduct and update it every year.

Available tools in the marketplace

 Disciplinary Tools
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Available templates

TrustCloud has a curated list of templates internally or externally sourced to help you get started. Click on the link for a downloadable version:

Control implementation

The action required here is to document an employee handbook  that include a mission statement and purpose and ensure that the following components are also taken into account:

  • At will relationship
  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Acceptable conduct
  • Compensation and Performance
  • Benefits and Leaves
  • Health and Safety
  • Workplace Guidelines
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Annual review
  • Communicated to all employees

What evidence do auditors look for?

Most auditors, at a minimum are looking for the below suggested action:

  • Provide the most recently updated handbook

Evidence example

From the suggested action above, an example is provided below

  1. Provide the most recently updated handbook.

TrustCloud employee handbook

Employee Handbook


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