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Communications Management

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What is it and why is it important?

Communication management is the process of planning, executing, monitoring and improving communication processes within an organization. Lack of proper communication can cause confusion and lead to inefficiencies. In addition, regulatory compliance requirements require the establishment of processes to communicate critical information to internal stakeholders (i.e employees, investors) and external stakeholders (i.e customers, regulatory bodies). The communication channels must be formal and systematic.

For example, internally, a shared repository folder or project management tool made accessible to all employees can be put in place. With  customers a support ticketing system to manage the customer’s requests/inquiries and enabling website reporting mechanisms such as blogs, newsletters, and release information can be considered.

How do I implement a Communication Management Program?

At TrustCloud, a set of controls has been created to help implement a Communication Management program. Review each article below for a deep dive on those controls.

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