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What Is It?

TrustCloud® is a Trust Assurance Platform that is designed for startups, SMBs, and enterprises to achieve, share and verify your trust obligations with customers. TrustCloud consists of 3 applications:

  • TrustOps: Automated control verification and compliance adherence application to help you effortlessly and cost-effectively achieve audit-readiness for multiple infosec and data security, privacy, and governance standards simultaneously.
  • TrustShare:  Elegant, realtime, responsive trust sharing portal to proactively share your trust and compliance program at the start of a sales process, and avoid endless follow-ups on security assessments with customers. Machine-learning and NLP application to auto-generate accurate answers for security questionnaires by using information directly in your TrustCloud.
  • TrustRegister:  Predictive intelligence to eliminate manual, unreliable processes and optimize your risk management program. TrustRegister helps you identify risks, streamline remediation, and assess business impact so you can maintain a proactive program—good riddance to that pesky spreadsheet

Trust Assurance Platform 2023

Who uses it?

The primary administrators of TrustShare are typically:

  • In startups:  CTOs or VPs of Engineering, and marketing and sales leads
  • In SMBs:  Security or compliance leads, and marketing and sales leads
  • In enterprises:  Security and compliance leads

Apart from admins,:

  • Every employee in a company that is involved in a security, privacy, or compliance workflow is invited as a user or an ‘owner’ in TrustOps.  These can be folks from engineering, DevOps, HR, finance, IT, security, and compliance.
  • Every sales team member in a company is typically invited into TrustShare, so that they can invite their customers (under NDA) to view security and compliance information.

How TrustCloud helps you

  • Accurate, automated, actionable, and joyful compliance 
    • Accurate, control & compliance verification: Automation reduces the effort to gather evidence, provides assurance around its accuracy
    • Reduce audit-prep by doing the work once and mapping to many standards: Automatically map controls and evidence to multiple compliance standards to streamline audit readiness, and programmatically publish evidence to your auditors
    • Make compliance actionable: Real-time, consolidated risk view across all controls, vendors, assets, and data sets
    • Deliver UX that employees love:  Make compliance easy for everyone to understand, and make it effortless for everyone to participate
  • Cut the cost of compliance
    • Consolidate GRC costs into a unified platform: Unified platform to manage compliance, risk register, contractual risk tracking, and answering security questionnaires
    • Dramatically reduce audit effort, time and cost: Consolidate yearly audits for many standards into one audit period, with one auditor. Evidence is automatically mapped and provided to the auditor to make reviews faster
    • Reduce TCO by 7-figures per year, and unlock multiple person-years of productivity across many teams
  • Make compliance a revenue and value enabler for your business
    • Enable revenue by supporting sales faster, with significantly less effort:  Completing security questionnaires is effortless. Be confident with the accuracy and completeness of your answers
    • Reduce liability by tracking regulatory and contractual commitments:  Map commitments to controls. Control verification gives you a real-time view of risk and liability across all contracts

Getting Started

To get started with TrustCloud, you can learn more about each application –

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